Saturday, April 26, 2014


 Considerate Husband
4/26 Photograph Thoughtful
Considerate / Helpful / Black and White

So nice to have my husband come down and enjoy Florida before driving back with me today. This picture fits all the categories of the prompt for today. It was considerate of him to change his work plans to fill in for my friend who ran into a work conflict and couldn't make the drive back with me. We make quite the driving team, I pack the food and check the iPhone for delays while he just motors on.
Actually, he did all the driving today which he enjoys while I read a book on photography, Bryan Peterson's Understanding Composition Field Guide. I learned plenty and am looking forward to working with my friend Terry to take each chapter and work on composition.

Last night we thought we would see the dolphins leaping, but we ended our vacation with the dolphins just catching fish in front of the condo.

We left at 5:15 AM this morning with a cooler full of healthy snacks, some publix apple turnovers and all the left over snacks. Sunrise was north of Daytona, the rose is from Santee, SC and of course the last picture is from South of Border. And no, we did not stop. Lot of traffic in VA and we were lucky to call ahead and get a room, here by 6 PM, tomorrow will be a shorter day, but busier traffic.

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