Sunday, April 20, 2014


A Gathering of Terns on the Beach
4/20 Photographed Gathered
Get Together / Collect / Round Up

I did take pictures today, but not the one above. The gathering of birds on the golf course that I wanted to get a picture of today was not cooperating and at that point in our game we had players right behind us. 

The instructions for the prompt was to fill the frame with the collection and suggestions were made for Easter candy or eggs. Well, I had neither, though I did entertain the thought of stopping at CVS to get some jelly beans. However, I know that they would not last the night and they wouldn't be a good choice of a journal of my day. Plus, I do like the picture that I chose and am glad to have it with my 365 pictures.

After golf yesterday, my husband and I were out by the pool meeting more neighbors which turned into me showing the picture of the dolphins that I had taken. I had gone to the Polaroid Fotobar on Friday night at the mall when my husband's flight was late and made a large print of the dolphin jump. Two of my neighbors loved  the shot and I sold two prints! I would have gone today on my drive back to the airport, but the mall was closed for the holiday. I am looking forward to making more prints on Wednesday when I go back to pick up my husband again. It's fun to see "real" prints of my work. When I get home, I am going to work with my friend to set up a website where my photographs can be sold. 

We only golfed 18 holes this morning and it was great going out at 7 AM, our first nine was quick and we were done in 3 hours! Had a nice breakfast at the golf course restaurant without the wait of going out downtown. Back to the condo where we watched the pelicans chasing after the dolphins and their fish. We could see the twinkle of the small fish in their large schools swimming by the wall. Unfortunately, no big jumps today. I had a small problem with taking pictures and went back to the instruction book. Fixed the problem and learned how to take multiple pictures for HDR(High Dynamic Range) pictures. This was my first attempt:
I need to work more on the editing part of the HDR in photoshop elements. The green of the trees should be darker. The HDR brings out all the levels of exposure by using 3 different exposure shots to merge into one photo. In this photo, the clouds and water are more realistic and not blown out if I had just used a regular exposure based on the island. ( To see any of these photos in the blog in a large format- just click on a picture and then you can scroll through all of the photos)

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