Monday, April 21, 2014


Multi-Colored Beach Chair
4/21 Photograph Multi-Colored
Candy / A Rainbow / In Your Hand

The prompt was encouraging candy again and I fought against the idea of going out to buy candy to think of something else colorful and healthier. The salad that I made today was definitely healthier. But, how many pictures of salad can I really have for Captureyour365 pictures?  Even though I usually eat a salad every day, there doesn't need to be another picture. (At least for now) Although, I do think the picture of the salad was very good.

Today, I decided to take a book to the beach and just relax in the sun. We didn't see the sun at all yesterday and it was a perfect morning to hang out at the beach for awhile. And for exercise, I played nine holes of golf while walking the course. I am definitely spoiled by my early morning golf as this round felt like it was taking forever! I was single behind four guys playing and with the wind, I was really driving the ball which gave me a lot of wait time. A lesson afterwards finished off the afternoon. Hoping I can bring my game home with me! 

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