Monday, April 14, 2014

4/11 Jump

4/11 Photograph Cling (Off Prompt)

Grasp / Embrace / Hug

After a month of running out to the water when I see the dolphins getting frisky finally paid on on 4/11. The prompt for the day was cling and I did take some clinging/grasping pictures. But  jumping dolphins will always over ride a prompt when the picture is this good!

My brother and I took the day off from golf. We drove to the beach and took a walk. The rest of the day was spent hanging out at my aunt and uncle's as my parents ventured into the pool. 

These are the pictures of cling and grasping where I was trying to get detailed, up close photos of barnacles.  Dolphin still won the picture of the day!

Here are the rest of the dolphin pictures. Just because I got these doesn't mean that I am still not running out to try to catch more jumps. 

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