Sunday, April 13, 2014

4/5 As You Are

As You Are- Golfing Again
4/5 Photograph Imperfect

You / In Front of The Lens / As You Are

Another "selfie" for this prompt. I set up the camera on the golf bag and did a run to the spot where I had focused on my husband. It was a beautiful day for golfing and once again we got to enjoy all the birds on the course. This is the flock that  hangs out by the pond and they are all sea terns. They happened to pick one of the few spots where balls don't routinely land. You have to be a really bad golfer to have your ball land in their area.

And these little birds are living on the other side of the pond from where the biggest alligator has been hanging out, hope the reeds are keeping them safe!

In the afternoon we went for a walk on the beach to continue looking for the elusive full sand dollar. I did the good deed of taking a couple's picture as it is painful to watch the arm held out with the phone camera to catch them with the ocean in the back ground. Today, I asked the couple if they could take our picture. And they did a great job! I didn't even have to fix the horizon and we are both in focus!

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