Friday, April 25, 2014

Last Days

Water Bird
4/24 Photograph April Showers
Rain / Out a Window / Reflection
4/25 Photograph At Last!
Finally / Berries / In the Garden

Both days I did my own thing for photographs. I guess for the first one, I could have submitted a dolphin picture taken from the window or if I had really given it some thought, this one that I took today. 
We have been busy cleaning and packing up while also having some fun on our last two days. Unfortunately, all the golf finally did me in yesterday with me tweaking my back to the point where it hurt to hit the ball. Somebody was telling me to rest. Worked out well because we slept in this morning and then Marc was able to get some work done. I was still trying for leaping dolphin pictures, but no such luck even though they were very active today. The pelicans were also active today, here and at my aunt's house. Must be the increase of minnows and fish in the river right now.
Short blog tonight, too much to do. Had a great time in Florida with family, activities and photography. I am looking forward to getting home, seeing my family and friends and getting my garden cleaned up.

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