Thursday, April 17, 2014

B is for Beach

B is for Beach
4/17 Photography B is for _______
Begins With / Bunny / Blue

I cheated today, well not exactly cheated, but used a photo of the beach from March for today's prompt.  This is my favorite shot of the beach and yes, it has been on the blog already, but not as picture of the day. The weather here has been cloudy, windy and occasionally stormy which didn't work for a great beach picture like this one above. I just like the composition of this photo with the surfboard and umbrella in the background with the natural beauty of the dunes, ocean and sky surrounding the fun. 

I did drive to the beach and as I was parking my car, I got a phone call from my youngest son. As I sat in the driver's seat of the parked car, this mourning dove decided that the windshield wiper made a good perch. It's a great photo with the wall as the background and the dove is in perfect focus. I guess I could have used B for bird.  

There are other photos from the beach that I took, but nothing beats the sunny, calm view of the above photo of the day. And yes, a golf ball was one of the B words that I had thought of, but the only golf I did was last night with the ladies for Nine and Wine. It was nice of the pro to do the four club challenge that I had suggested. For many of us, it was a challenge to pick only four clubs to use on nine. I picked according to yardage and ended up with my 5 W, 4-hybrid, 9- iron and A-Wedge. The 4 was used as my putter, what a joke that was. It was fun and we were the only group to get all nine holes done as we finished in a downpour. 

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