Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April - Where I Stand

Photograph Where I Stand
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The prompt for today recommended taking two pictures, one looking down and one looking up to combine it for this month's Where I Stand prompt. I tried to get the dolphin in the picture, but then my feet would not be in focus.  My initial photos were taken on the golf course where I was out for most of the day. I started at 7:20 Am and was able to take a beautiful picture of the 98% full moon. The directions from yesterday's blog helped.
I did take pictures from the golf course to use for the Where I Stand, but realized that I had done the golf course last month. It was time for something new. In between two rounds of golf, I came home to take the picture of my feet on the sea wall with the view of the river. Chipped polish or dirty golf shoes?  The shoes became even dirtier as I played multiple balls today because there was nobody in front of me in the early morning, so I was able to practice. Same with the back nine, I caught up to the ladies 9-hole league and went back to replay a par 3 hole. It was fun, but I was glad to golf with 3 guys later on in the afternoon. Not much else going on here, all is quiet as everyone has left.  Am looking forward to the weekend!
More baby ducks? Not sure what these birds are!

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