Friday, April 18, 2014

New Buds

New Buds in the Morning
4/18 Photograph Optimistic
Hopeful / Enthusiastic / New

A blog written before noon, since I have housework, cooking  and a ride to the airport on my schedule today. I was golfing at 7 AM today and once again, I was by myself in a cart flying around the course getting nine holes done within 1.5 hours just as it started thundering. I had paid for 18 and will be going back to finish the back nine right after I finish this entry. It was one of my best rounds yet, with 4 holes parred. 

 My intent was to get a picture of the very small baby ducks, but their mother is very protective and quickly moved them into the brush. I like the last duck's look as if he is saying, "But look at all the food we are leaving…". It's a miracle that they are surviving with the alligators.

And once again, I took 3 pictures of the buds and had a hard time picking out which photo to use as the daily photo. I was a bit rushed as I did have a walking golfer behind me.  Check out the picture in the bottom right to see the blue fly. I did not even see that fly until I uploaded the pictures to the computer, shame it wasn't in focus. 

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