Sunday, April 13, 2014

4/6 Display

Photograph Display
4/6 Photograph in the Window
                                                     Framed / Displayed / Hanging

This prompt had both my husband and I trying to figure out what the subject could be. I made these coasters last November with the intent of hanging them individually on the wall here in Florida. But like most pictures we hang, we just couldn't agree on where. I found this frame in a local store and we used garden wire to hang the coasters on the wire. We now have the coasters on display in our bedroom. It is a creative, easy display. 
 We got up early to play golf and watched the sunrise as we ate breakfast. This was definitely the first birthday where I have been able to go golfing. We had a very nice cook out at my Aunt and Uncle's with my parents in the evening. Then my husband was back to the cold of New England. 

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