Tuesday, April 15, 2014

4/15 Rest

Resting Osprey
4/15 Photograph Siesta
Relaxing / Rest / A Nap

Hey, I am caught up with my blog! It was a busy week of golf and family dinners, but all worth it. Lucky to have my parents come down to visit and stay with me, then with my aunt while my brother came down to visit and then back with me. Their phone ringtone has now been changed to Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves. Although after cleaning the condo after they left, they are not thieves, the silverware is still here! It's so quiet here now. 

The prompt for today included a suggestion to use the blue sky to get a beautiful exposure and even had a pelican against a blue sky for the sample picture. I immediately thought of the picture above from golf this past weekend. The original version is to the right below-

This is the jpeg version of what I took and I used the RAW version to edit for lighting, exposure and vibrance. All good, but then when I went to upload to the Captureyour365 in the landscape version (the picture to the right) , I ealized that I could crop the photo to make it look even better. Now the bird is definitely the subject and the composition meets the rule of thirds. It's not cheating, it's improving what was caught at the moment. 

While working on the computer today, I moved my computer down to the table by the window to watch for leaping dolphins. All of a sudden, a large storm cloud appeared to the west and the collage below has the view from the window. I did run out and try to get a resting bird just to say that I used the camera today but the weather came in fast. (That's 105 pictures since January 1st!) Crazy weather with the clouds and just when I thought the rain was done, it started again with lightening/thunder to the east. The difference between storms here and in NH, is that here you can see the weather before you get it whereas in NH, there's no warning with all the trees. That will be something that I will have to get used to again.

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