Tuesday, April 15, 2014

4/14 Seasonal

Seasonal Garden Decoration
4/14 Photograph The Chicken or the Egg?
Just Because / A Comparison / Seasonal

Luckily, my neighbor decorates her garden flowers with holiday figures. I used a texture from kimklassen.com, kk_cora as an overlay to soften the green of the cactus. I like the whimisical pink figurines in contrast to the green of the cactus. Now there's a "just because" there, the Easter decorations in the Christmas Cactus!

After a quick shopping trip, we had a quiet day by the pool. Well, it was quiet at the pool, but very busy and noisy in the river as there was a large group of about 6 manatees "frolicking" in the water for at least 3 hours. The song, "All Night Long" was going through my head as we heard a lot of splashing and snorting. Not that I want to be labeled a voyeur, but I did try to take pictures of the group of manatees. However, they were too busy in the water to pose. At least I had some dolphins who appear to enjoy posing.

 4/14 was the night of the blood moon, and even though I was up until 2 AM, it was not late enough to see the eclipse. The full moon rising was a very pretty sight even in NH as my son told me on the phone how cool it was there. I grabbed my camera and went out to take a picture. 
Later on in the evening, Katrina Kennedy posted a hint for how to take a picture of the moon which I will try the week. ( ISO 100, shutter speed 1/125 and zoom out to longest focal length)

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