Tuesday, April 15, 2014

4/13 Funny

Funny Manatee
4/13 Photograph Comical
Funny / Amusing / Humorous

The manatees are becoming active with the warmer weather and this was an easy shot for this prompt. I had the telephoto/zoom lens with me and I was not happy with the pictures. This photo was taken with my iPhone to include more of the manatee's body. Wouldn't you rather see more of the body, than just their mouths? If I had been to this location early, I would have gotten more than just one manatee in the picture. Usually there can be up to 4 manatees in this area and you can see them push each other out of the way to get to the fresh water. 

The weather was hot today and I went to the beach with my parents where my Dad sat and people watched while my Mom and I took a little walk along the water. I didn't have my camera with me near the water so I could walk in the water while looking for shells again. The water was rough making it difficult to see the shells.
In the evening, we had another beautiful sunset! It's nice to have the time to enjoy views. 

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