Tuesday, April 15, 2014

4/12 Shadow

Shadow- Railing and Scalloped Roof
4/12 Photograph Someone's Shadow

Outline / Contrast / Companion

I didn't read the prompt for this day's Captureyour365 until the middle of the day. This picture was taken in the early afternoon, to give me time to upload, edit and get it up on the 365 gallery.  I like this picture for the lines and the leading line to the plants. This is the little garden of potted plants that my neighbor has next door to me here. 

We had gone out golfing very early and I could have gotten some really good shadow pictures that morning. With early morning play, we get there as the sun is rising which gives us shadows from the low sun as we surround the flag on the greens. As we get ready to putt, we have to watch where are shadows are to make sure that we aren't distracting each other. 

The camera was out on the golf course with me this morning and these two alligators were right by the area where I normally hit my drive. Luckily, I hit a better golf shot onto the fairway, but was excited to get this picture. However, I witnessed their quickness when they went into the water after I took the picture. Boy, they can really move. I know have that fact implanted in the memory bank. It's one thing to be told that they can move fast, it's another to actually see them move. 

In the evening we went over to my aunt and uncle's for dinner where I did try to take a shadow picture, but I wasn't happy with the angles. Although, now that I see it on the blog, the picture is a fun photo and my aunt was a good egg for posing!

We had another beautiful sunset to enjoy after going in the pool to cool off.

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