Monday, April 14, 2014

4/10 A Perfect Duo

Wine and Cheese- A Perfect Duo
4/10 Photograph a Perfect Duo
Two / Together / Complementary

My brother is here this week and treated me to a very nice bottle of wine which we enjoyed after a day of golf. The goal for this prompt today was to take a picture of food that included complementary foods. Wine with cheese and crackers, on a sunny, beautiful day where we saw a rocket launch over the golf course. It was a gorgeous day on the golf course again, with my father joining us for our fun nine after the early 18 holes. Getting out early has begun to spoil us since the pace of play is quick with the "serious" early morning golfers. My brother and I tried to make to 36 holes in the afternoon, but gave up when we were the fourth group on a hole. It was best to leave with a satisfied feeling about playing versus frustration from waiting and not being able to get a rhythm for play. 

Today's golf course adventures included mating sand cranes, an overly friendly snapping turtle and a rocket launch from Kennedy Space center. We were lucky to catch the launch as we had a perfect view of it. What surprised me was that the group behind us never saw the rocket even with me yelling at my father, brother and uncle while we on the tee box. It was a very cool thing to see.  The order of the pictures below in the collage match the order of how I took the pictures. I had to quickly get the camera in focus and get the exposure right as the rocket was going through the clouds, then I got the exposure perfect. 

The sound comes after the rocket has been in the air for a few minutes. We aren't sure if the growling noise was from an alligator disturbed by the rocket's sound or my yelling. 

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