Friday, March 21, 2014


Spring- Time to put away the boots and get the Golf clubs out
3/21 Photograph Spring
Growth / Green? / Snow Melting

Since I am not in NH watching the snow melt while waiting for another possible storm next week, this is my idea of Spring. Getting out on the golf course to enjoy being outside while playing the very "stupid" game of golf. Today I got out on the course at 1020 AM and golfed with three other walkers and had a score under 50. I was back there again this evening right before the 5 PM crush and got another 18 holes done within 3 hours. I actually caught up with a group of 3 guys on the 9th hole and they graciously let me join then which gave me the time to go back out for another 9. I played great, even with a birdy on a par 5 ending up with a 92, my best score yet here. So sad that no one else was able to see the great shot. It's encouraging to see improvement in playing. It's going to be a whole new world of golf when I get back to NH golfing through mud. At least in Nova Scotia, they are now playing golf! On Facebook, someone had this article about the West Pubnico course opening today, I am not the only one wanting to get out to play!

Today was a very active day for me, up at sunrise, a 4 mile walk to the beach, walked 9 golf holes, a 9 mile bike ride and then the 18 holes of golf where I finally caved and rode a golf cart. It was a beautiful day to be outside. I am bone tired tonight after burning 1900 calories. While waiting for my aunt to come over for a bike ride, I did sit out by the water here to watch the Manatees that were right by the wall. And the dolphins are still not frolicking!

From Sunrise to Sunset today

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  1. looking good. Try to relax a little, that's good for you also


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