Thursday, March 20, 2014

Before and After

Before and After Weight Loss
3/20 Photograph a Diptych
Now and Then / Old and New / Before and After

Can you really tell that it's the same person from the far left to the far right? How amazing is that weight loss? This definitely fits the bill for now and then, old and new along with the before and after. S is a new person! And it was all done naturally, just cutting back on calories and changing her way of eating. S is my second cousin, if that is how it works based on the fact that she is my mother's first cousin. She is here visiting my cousin/aunt for a couple of days and we have had a nice visit. I think she brought the good weather with her. We went out walking this morning for close to 3 miles and then I hung out with them for awhile catching some "D". ( That's my son's term for sunbathing) I would have got some dolphin pictures, but the tourist boat wouldn't leave the area and the dolphins were playing right in front of the boat. 

I had to fix my miles in Runkeeper today and found out that there is challenge for everyone using Runkeeper  to log their miles with the hashtag in the notes: #118forBoston. The goal is to reach 118 million miles with all the users in honor of the 118th running of the Boston Marathon. It's a nice way to honor the tradition of the Boston Marathon and to keep moving. Runkeeper is a Boston based company and they want to do something big for this year's marathon.  As of today, the number of miles is at 28,333,000. That's a whole lot of miles to do in less than a month. I got my 57.8 miles in already, 23 bicycle miles and 34.8 walking miles. Nice to go out bike riding on a day like today when the temperature is cool and the sun is shining. 

This afternoon, I golfed in a casual ladies group at the local golf course. It was a mixed group of golfers with all kinds of abilities. We started with a mini clinic on the putting green and then we were split into groups of 3 or 4. I was with two younger women, one was a very new golfer and another who could hit the ball the same distance as me. Today's format was to play each hole on the the nine as a par 3, if it was a par 3 hole, we played from the Tee box, if it wasn't, then we played from the 100 yard mark. I liked the format because it gave me a chance to play my short game where I need to practice. We helped the newer player and then the other woman and I picked clubs based on what the other's hit was. Even 100 yards out, you still have to change clubs based on wind or whether the green was on a hill. We had gotten one 5 on a hole and thought we needed a birdy which we never got, however, we did end up winning with the lowest score. It was called nine and wine, so for $20 I got a clinic, a nine hole round, wine and appetizers, plus I won a sleeve of golf balls. I am looking forward to the next nine and wine in 2 weeks. It was a good opportunity to meet local golfers. 

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