Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ask Them and iPhone fun

Dramatic Dock iPhoto 
3/23 Photograph PhoneArt
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Ask Them: My Neighbor posed
3/22 Photograph on their terms
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Yesterday I hung around the condo and worked on my online photography practice class by taking pictures of my neighbor and her daughter jumping. I changed the shutter speeds and took a bunch of pictures. Since I had to take a portrait yesterday, S graciously agreed to pose after running for the day's prompt. I like the casual pose with the water behind her, but wished that I had used my flash to fill in the shadows on her face. After working on the computer for most of the morning and early afternoon, I went down and hung out by the pool, met more neighbors and finally got in the pool. Another person from NH jumped in also, we didn't think it was cold, but nobody else was convinced. We had an impromptu happy hour with people bringing down wine and munchies, it was nice to meet everybody. 

Today, I got up bright and early to golf at 8:15 AM. I should have used my iPhone for the sunrise over the river, it was beautiful. Today's photo was taken from the dock while I was out there again reading. The weather was cloudy at the time, not as dramatic as the edited photo above.

While out by the dock, we all of a sudden heard and saw the dolphins jumping out of the water. Did I have my camera ready? Of course not, but I did have it with me. I tried to get pictures of them, but I think they were mating, lots of splashing going on with the occasional jumps. What I don't get about the dolphins is that when a boat goes through, they swim right up to the boat and start jumping. The tour boats this afternoon got a great show. 

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