Saturday, March 01, 2014


Outdoor Fun Self Portrait
3/1 Photograph Step Outside
Natural / Outdoor / In the Street

I had a lot of fun today with this prompt and my husband convinced me to use one of the funnier posed ones for the picture of the day. He thinks I can be too serious! I had quite a few from inside looking out the front door using my new flash for fill light and then took it outside. I had the self timer set for 6 shots after 10 seconds, giving me 10 seconds to get from the deck to the middle of a path in our yard. I used my husband to focus on and then left the camera in manual focus mode so I could click and run. The first time I did it, we ended up arguing over where the mark was and I started with the silly poses. Some were just so goofy after being so serious in the beginning. 

This was a good exercise to pull out the book for the self-timer review and to rely on the manual focus. It's hard for me to be the subject, and this is something that I am going to work on throughout the year. Here are a couple of the shots that did not make the cut for today.  Check out the reflection on the middle door shot.

While outside, I took some shots of Marc while he was doing the wood for this week. So glad that he is home for 36 hours to get some stuff done around the house. This morning he had to take the door off under the deck to get our tires out, I wonder if I would have figured that out? There is a lot of ice down there and the door wouldn't open after he shoveled it out. 

I did help a little bit with the wood, I drive him crazy by saying, " I pick things up and put them down." It's a work out usually, but not today. We didn't need to refill much. This afternoon we went for a very quick walk, since it is still so freaking cold here. We are so ready to be in Florida already!

So, the stromboli ( calzone) that I made last night has an interesting taste. Lesson learned, don't be talking on the phone while putting ingredients in a bread machine. Lemon olive oil is not basil olive oil and we all noticed it. Such a shame, since the texture of the bread was perfect. Oh well, there's always another day and we are still eating it. Not letting it go to waste.

And the flower of the day is tickweed in a photo that I took in Ogunquit, Maine on the Marginal Way. The texture is a picture of the plaster wall from the house that I worked on last week. I used a lighten blend with a 50% opacity along with a clipping mask to take the texture off the two main flowers.

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  1. Such a model.......I think you look beautiful


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