Friday, February 28, 2014

Keep Going

One Nest for Rent- Immediate Spring Occupancy Availability
2/28 Photograph Keep Going
Persevere / Endure / Press on

Today I met with my friend S who retired from the lab and now works there as a per diem.  We went out to lunch and then furniture/consignment shopping. Our original plan was to go out photo hunting, but it was too chilly. We talked about the prompt and I  wasn't sure where to go with this today, but S saw this nest while we were out shopping and it yelled spring to me. It's been a long, long, cold winter and any sign of spring is welcome. Don't let the blue sky fool you, it was still very cold. The tree that this nest was in is a Peeling Birch, I took a picture of the bark to use for textures. I can either mute it down for an overlay or use the bark design to make a frame which I did for today's flower. 

The shopping was fun because we ended up in stores that we hadn't been in before. And as I am writing this, I am realizing that I forgot to go to one of the consignment shops that we had planned on going to. It's just that once you are on Rte. 4 in Chichester, you have to plan which side of the road that you need to go to because of the traffic. S had never been to the Pawn shop and that's always an interesting place to check out what they have, lot of instruments, tools, DVDs, boats and some camera equipment. Fun to just browse as we were just catching up while getting ideas. A nice way to spend the day. 

Love cats snuggling- it's just so weird.

Came home to check on the cat next door, who is so sweet. I just don't know why anyone gave him up. We had a good routine going, I come in, he meows at me, I feed him and then go to my neighbor's den to read the paper. The cat doesn't even finish his food to come out and sit on my lab where he proceeds to head butt me and beg for patting. Yesterday I brought him a scratching board with cat nip, he loved that. Tonight his family comes home which will make him happy. Meanwhile, I still have my cats to enjoy(?). These two love cats are like this every morning. 
And here is my cooking dilemma, why does my stromboli split? I may need to ask Mrs. Botticelli what I am doing wrong. Probably too much meat, but that is what makes it so tasty! Homemade dough made with basil flavored oil and garlic salt added, nothing too low fat about that. 

Today's flower photo is a Peony. Before my husband's parents's house was sold, I took some plants, this peony and some day lilies. Both do well here and are nice to have. Four more months and they will be blooming again.

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