Thursday, March 06, 2014

My Muse

The Town Pond
3/6 Photograph a Muse
Inspiration / Source / Reflect

My muse is my friend Terry who as a photographer has taught me how to use my camera in all the settings, along with composition and lighting. At this point we are exploring the idea of going into business and doing photo walks. I was going to just put up a picture of Terry taking a picture, due to the lack of time I have to work on the computer and my photography today. But, I decided to take a picture that reminds me of what Terry does best, and that is taking pictures of where you live. She  does live in a quaint college town that has a covered bridge and I live in a rural, bedroom community. The photo opportunities in her town are endless and are usually where we start when we go off on our photo drives. This is a picture of the "life" of my town, the pond where my kids learned how to ice skate and fish in cub scout fishing derbies. It's where I walked across this past winter when out snow shoeing. I thought it was a fitting last picture of winter for me in the spirit of what Terry photographs best, the place where you live.  Check out her photos on her website, she has really stunning shots. 
No flower for today, no time, but check out what I finally saw at the feeder today! I guess I had to be up earlier to see him!

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  1. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Janice, that is one of the sweetest things anyone has ever said about me. You actually inspire me. Your enthusiasm for this art form in amazing. You remind me of my days in photography college many years ago. I was up early and in bed late, always with a picture on my mind and a camera by my side. Let us also not forget all that you have taught me these past few years. Learning from each other seems to be what we do best. I see many photography/travel sessions in our future. Love ya!


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