Wednesday, March 05, 2014

A Story in Three

The Story of my day in Three
3/5 Photograph a Story in Three
A triptych / A comparison / A comparison

Quick blog tonight, too much to d0 and not enough time. The story of three for me today was the packing that I need to be doing, the food that I need to get ready for our long road trip tomorrow and the computer problem that I resolved myself. What is not included in my story of three is the two walks that I took in the woods today with two different friends. The walks were needed for me to get out and relax plus get exercise, I should have brought my camera but it was all about getting some physical activity and friend time in for today. The first morning walk was during the time that my car was getting the snow tires off and my computer being looked at for an error message. After the walk, I get a call from the computer guy telling me that I needed to reformat my hard drive and remove office 2004 because the office 2008 was giving me an error message every time word would close. Too technical to get into in the blog tonight, but what he wanted to do would mean me finding everything I have done picture wise on the computer in the past two weeks and copy it to a flash drive to get the computer back to what it was before I had upgraded it for him to get it back tomorrow to wipe the drive clean, and reload from my back up drive . Then the recommendation was to put a copy of office 2011 on it. I went out and got the Office 2011 and after supper tonight, I downloaded it myself and it works. There is a slight glitch, but it is not an error message and I don't want my computer at the repair shop tomorrow when I need it by 3 pm to hit the road. I can work with what I have now. 

It seems that everything I touched today became a small problem, not huge, just a white whine problem.  ( Want to read something fun? Read these White whine problems)
1. Went to put on my face moisturizer and it squirted on my clean shirt - laundry had to be done
2. Put the tires in the car and noticed that one had worn down treads - new tire bought.
3. iPhone died after morning walk
4. Asked for turkey ham and got turkey pastrami.
5. And yes, the calzone split again.
6. iPhone battery died again after the afternoon walk.
7. The whole computer thing - had to buy office 2011 ( and Mom, don't worry- use the money for an airline ticket!!)
8. I took off the snow tires today and it kept snowing- not much.

Not major problems, just enough for me to have make adjustments to what I should have been doing today. It's all good, I will finally be warm again in 2 days!

Here is a tropical picture to finish off a very cold day.

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