Friday, March 07, 2014

Irritated - Not really

Irritated- Should have gotten a better picture while in car, this will do
3/7 Photography Frustrated
Hindered / Irritated / Unfulfilled

Today's picture was to focus on lines in a photo, and being on the road for most of it, you would think I could have taken a good road shot with lines. I didn't, so I took a picture of my kitchen herb garden here in Florida. Too tired to fix it on the stand, but I do like the shadows and lines from the setting sun.

Long day on the road, can't believe that we actually drove to Florida in one day without a hotel stop. But we did stop around 330 AM for all of us to get a quick nap.  Would have been nice, but it was cold, 32 degrees at that point and then once at the Florida welcome center it was only fifty, feeling like forty. Everyone was walking around shivering. The sun finally came out  an hour away from Cocoa Beach, it felt good to get over the rivers  and to the condo. We had minimal to move in and dinner was a quick chicken sausage with tomato sauce, zucchini, cheese and onion. It was delicious and will make a good lunch tomorrow. More to talk about tomorrow, I need to go to bed now.

And I started this Mum last night and finished today- Enjoy:

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