Monday, March 17, 2014


Lucky Leprechaun 
3/17 Photograph a Shamrock
Clover / Green / Luck o' the Irish

Once again, I stopped at the local hardware store, the one that rhymes with the the place to get a photo.
This time, I got to talk to the nursery manager and she couldn't be any nicer in letting me take pictures. She even went in the store to get this plant with the lucky leprechaun perched in the clover.  I ended up taking a few pictures of flowers in the nursery to get a color shot for tomorrow's texture post. It really is a treat to be around flowers again and I am going to search online to find out if there are any formal gardens around here to go on a photo hike.

It's been awhile that I have posted the pictures that didn't make the cut for the prompt. Today's photo needed some editing which I did by cloning, copying other parts of the picture to replace "stuff" that took away from the subject. Here are the photos that didn't make the cut, along with the pre-edit photo. Bet you couldn't see the difference until now!

Today was a quiet day, after the zumba gold class,  I went down to my Aunt's neighbor's to take pictures of water coming out of a fountain for the on line photography class using different shutter speeds. Nobody was around and the neighbors who drove by probably couldn't figure out what the heck I was doing on a very windy day with a tripod in a front yard. I rode my bike down and because I am slightly obsessive about miles, I rode around the streets on this end of the causeway for 4 miles. The weather was really windy here for most of the day and I didn't want to venture far to avoid getting caught in the rain. It was quiet without Marc around and I got the roku hooked up so I could catch up on some of the shows that I watch, including Parenthood. Lunch was a huge tomato cut in slices and then broiled with a little bit of mozzarella and parmesan cheese with fresh basil.

This afternoon, I got a private golf lesson, since I was the only one to show up due to the weather. We were on the edge of stormy weather and it was sprinkling a bit around 4 PM, but the instructor showed up. The lesson was great because there were only a couple of golfers out on the course. She asked what I needed help with and we did all the par 3 holes because I was having a hard time with club choices for the drives on the shorter holes.  Just as my friend L points out every time, follow through, follow through, follow through. There is usually another f word thrown in there and yes, the instructor hit on the same thing that I don't do, the follow through. I came away with 4 big things to remember:
1. Straight target arm
2. Short strokes: more follow through with a shorter stroke
3. Putting down a hill, pick a spot 1/2 way down for the stroke
4. Club placement for sand shots
I had to write them down tonight so I can remember the next time I golf. Just more to clutter the brain while trying to hit a little white ball into a hole many yards away. Really, a very stupid game. I will need luck!

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