Sunday, March 16, 2014


Cheers: Two Frosty Beers after Golf
3/16 Photograph Cheers
A Greeting / A Glass / A Toast

I was a bit concerned with the drinking topic for a Sunday prompt, the day before St. Patrick's day, but I quickly got over it. The other direction for this prompt was to take the picture on the diagonal. I wonder if that was suppose to be before the drinking or after the drinking began.  Either way, I had the props and the drink and it was easy to take this on the angle. After taking the picture, I realized that at least the mugs' colors have the Irish colors.

Another good prompt for today would have been marathon as it was a marathon of golfing for us. We had an 807 AM tee time and started at 750 AM, we did 18 holes in 3 hours and went back out for another nine. It was so nice to have a steady round of golf with barely any waiting. Once again, the camera came out with us golfing as I wanted to take advantage of the morning light for pictures, but we were moving so quickly that I wasn't able to get many shots. Last November it seemed like we were always seeing the big alligator, but this morning all we got was this smaller one swimming across one of the many ponds around the golf course.  Yesterday, we had a large pink bird fly overhead, however, it's difficult to always be ready to take a picture when I have to be ready to hit my ball. 
We had so much fun golfing today, that after lunch and a couple of errands, we went back out again for another nine. It was very windy, but no windy enough to help us get the ball in the hole on some very long putts. The original plan was to golf in the morning and then head to the beach in the afternoon. As the wind kept increasing through the day, that was not going to be a good idea. The golf was Marc's idea and I was more than willing to go out again. With the lessons that we took in November, we have both cut strokes off our scores and it's a little bit more competitive, in a good way.

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