Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Color- Texture Tuesday

Color, you don't really miss it until you have been without it outside at the end of a long, cold,
winter. A trip to a nursery here in Florida provided a floral fix for me. Lucky to be here where it is bright and warm. But looking at the flowers made me miss my summer gardens. When I get home, the snow will be gone and I may be back in time to see the tulips. In the meantime, I will enjoy the colors of the flowers here in Florida.

Texture used on above photo: kkEdith from KimKlassen Cafe- 54% opacity overlay with a duplicate of the background on the top layer multiplied with 35% opacity.


  1. Great shots, I love the flower in the top photo....the colours are amazing! Lucky you to be in Florida ��

  2. Such gorgeous flowers and beautifully captured!

  3. Beautiful colors. Lovely short.


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