Saturday, March 08, 2014


What Drives a Bird to Migrate?
3/8 Photograph Drive
Determination / A Car / Passion

Who knows what drives birds to flock together and migrate, but it is definitely neat to see first thing in the morning. There were about 100 birds outside our window this morning on the river. Most of the birds were white pelicans with a couple of gray pelicans and ducks. After spending some much time in the car yesterday, I could not see spending time taking pictures of cars. A golf course picture would have been good for passion, but we just getting caught up with sleep and getting groceries. We did sit out by the pool for awhile, but it's a bit cooler than we had expected. Still nice to be able to sit outside considering the weather back home. 

After our son woke up, we walked down to the beach bar for him to get a hamburger while my husband and I had shrimp. Then we had a short walk on the beach before walking home. It was nap time for me and a late supper of Chicken Marsala and 3-red pepper pasta. Very relaxing day and the short time we out in the sun left us a little pink.  
Sea grass texture.

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  1. Great to see you so relaxed. We're unwinding ourselves. No pressure, what a relief.


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