Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Terns Playing Follow the Leader
3/19 Photograph Duplicate
More than One / Repeat / Copy

This was an easy prompt for today, there are always birds on the beach and that's where I went after lunch to walk two miles. I brought along the camera to see what I could find for today's picture. I was not the only one at the beach, it was very busy with a lot of visitors. How could I tell? There were plenty of either very pale or sun burnt people and daring children playing in the water. The temperature was about 72 and it was still a bit breezy. Everyone was out after the wind and cloudy weather of yesterday.

This morning I had an early tee time for golf and was suppose to be walking with another couple, but they were a no show. That meant I had to be a single walker between groups of men. It was a little frustrating because the guys in front of me would not let me go through and they ended up with an open hole in front of them. Oh well, that meant I was right on them and not on purpose, because I had a foursome right behind me. The back nine was better since I started 2 holes back from the group in front of me and the league behind me started two holes back. I had plenty of time to hit more than one shot for practice. Still took 4 hours to finish. The weather was iffy at the beginning with some light drizzle and I was glad to have both my long sleeve pullover and my short sleeve windbreaker. I am liberal with the sun screen,  to avoid burning, but I have a golfer tan already on my legs with pale feet. 

I ventured out after my walk on the beach to do some shopping on Merritt Island after my walk on the beach. UGH!!! I am not used to all the traffic, I know I am a snowbird also, but have never really been here at peak season for very long. I understand why the locals like when we all go. But I also understand why people move down here, I met a young girl at the seafood store/restaurant from Londonderry. It took her a year to acclimate and she loves living here. 

After the winter, I really appreciate the opportunity to walk on the beach!


  1. I love your shore photos, Jenny! And your bromolaid is stunning! Great shots!

    1. Thank you! I was wondering the name of the flower was.

  2. Such lovely shots - I can almost hear the birds and the waves!


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