Wednesday, March 19, 2014


 365 With Shells
3/19 Photograph 365
The Number / Written / Found

The prompt today was a number prompt to promote awareness of the minute details around. Once the number is given, you think about where and how numbers are displayed. Then you figure out how to compose the picture with the number as the subject. I went grocery shopping today and had my iPhone ready, but nothing popped out for me. A picture of a page number was one idea that I tried, but look how tiny the number is in comparison to the rest of the picture. Then I thought that if I had a really good 365 picture, I could use it for the front of a photo book for all the Captureyour365 photos that I am taking. (Already up to 78 photos this year.)

It was time to think creatively and I decided to use shells while at the beach. I wish I could say that this was a simple thing to do, but in the first couple of pictures, I had the three backwards. Not sure why, but glad I caught it. I knew something looked off. While setting up the shells, I had to clean some of them off because they were wet to start off and then got sandy. It kept me busy and moving around for awhile. 

It was a beautiful day today. Got a good work out at Zumba, a little grocery shopping, some housecleaning and then another trip to the beach. The sky was bluer, but there was still a breeze that had us sitting behind a dune to shield us. It really didn't work. Can you tell which cousin lives in Florida and which cousin is from New England visiting? We weren't at the beach long, but long enough to get a little sunburn. I was glad that I was busy with my shells to avoid falling asleep in the sun. 

Dinner was at my place and we had sautéed thin chicken breasts marinated in pear and fig balsamic vinegar with garlic and orange juice. Sounds like a strange combo, but it was very good. Plenty of vegetables were served, with roasted carrots, sweet potato, onions, garlic and peppers along with mushrooms and green beans and a salad!  It was nice to cook for more than two who appreciated the vegetables. 

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