Sunday, March 30, 2014


Unopened Flower
3/30 Photograph Tight
Closed / Close-Knit / Unopened

I think this prompt was suppose to be more for photographers in parts on the country where spring should be beginning with buds in the yard. From the picture that my husband sent me today from NH, there may be crocus poking up by the end of this week. But they would need to get sun for that to happen. For now, I will continue to enjoy the plants and flowers around our complex. The instructions for the prompt suggested choosing a clean, sold background to draw attention to the subject. The stucco wall behind this bud was perfect for a background,  I don't think I could have found anything cleaner or simpler. Out of the other photos that I took of flowers, this was the best photo. 

At golf this morning, our last hole had a dramatic finish with the sighting of two alligators near balls that our group had hit. This alligator was easy to spot, but the one in the water that was 2 feet from R's golf ball on the bank was scary enough for her to use her "hand wedge" to put the ball on the green. On that particular hole, I over hit the ball into the edge of the same pond and then was able to pull the ball back and hit it on the green, over the water. Glad that I was able to avoid the alligators.  I like the golf ball by the alligator's head, not sure if it was hit by a golfer or rolled down by the head as a joke. 

It was a beautiful day, breezy again in the morning but nice enough to be by the pool this afternoon. I ended up being that crazy person from NH who went in the pool today. It was colder than last Saturday, but like NH, it should be getting warmer here with the pool becoming easier to get into the water. In the meantime, it was another National Geographic documentary day out on the river. At one point, there were 4 dolphins after the fish, and we ended up with 2 dolphins, one small and one bigger by the wall with two pelicans looking for easy dinners. The dolphins drive the fish to the wall and corner them for their dinners, the pelicans just follow the dolphins to get the leftovers. The whole cycle of life thing is not upsetting when it involves schools, but it's sad when you see the one small fish being chased by the dolphin in the water. It  just seems so unfair, whereas in a school, you figure it's the dumb ones who get caught. 

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