Monday, March 31, 2014


Kitchen Herb Garden
3/31 Photograph in The Garden
Growing / Digging / Seeing Green

Today's prompt would have been difficult up north, especially since it was suggested to get down to the plant's level. This was easy with my little kitchen herb pot by my door here. I bought this last fall and my neighbor's water it when we aren't here. Upon arrival in the beginning of the month, I had to switch out the basil plant that was there along with adding the rosemary. Its nice to have the fresh basil for pasta dishes and I use the rosemary for roasted vegetables and when I cook chicken. I was asked how many pictures I take a day and for this shot, I had taken 20, but I do delete all of the extras. In the photo above, creative cloning needed to be done to switch out brown leaves for green leaves.

Quiet day, we walked to the beach, that was 4.1 miles for a total of 101 miles done in March. 64.5 miles walking and 36.9 miles of bike riding. My goal this month was for 60 miles for the month combined and for April, I am going to aim for 70 miles walking and 100 miles total. Going to need a walking partner, any aunts available? I know I am going to make the effort to walk more on the golf course.

This afternoon, the dolphins were hanging out in the river again. It has become an obsession and I am deleting a lot more pictures than I am keeping. At one point, I was on the dock waiting for the dolphin to swim back to where I was, but I lost it in the water and it felt like Jaws where they are waiting on the boat for the shark to attack. Finally, I just had to turn my back to the river while out by the pool and just read my book. No spectacular jumps missed.
Here is a photo of the dolphin chasing after a fish, blurry because it is hard to focus the fish under the water. 

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