Sunday, March 30, 2014


Chance of Rain has passed
3/29 Photograph Luck
A Horseshoe / A Charm / Chance

This is my creative way of getting the photo prompt for today. Red sky at night, sailor's delight? Not really a lucky charm or anything like that, however the directions for today's prompt was to take multiple pictures of the same subject from different angles. I definitely took more than one picture of the sunset this evening and liked this one the best. But, here I am editing pictures and blogging very late tonight with many pictures to go through tonight. 

During the afternoon, we had a tornado warning and a downpour with a little bit of lightning. There may be a youtube video uploading that I took this afternoon as the rain and wind was blowing up the river.  We had gone to the beach, but left when the rain just started. There was a lot of activity on the beach and it wasn't just sunbathers and surfers. The sand project has started with sand being dredged from off shore through a big pipe and spread along the beach. This is to build up the beach again from the hurricane damage a few years ago and has something to do with the jetty according to a surfer I was talking to today. I would link to a news story if I could find one, regarding this, it's a big project that will leave a lot of dark sand on the beach for awhile. In the next few weeks, it appears that we will be hopping along the beach as the project moves north

This evening we went over to my aunt's for another family dinner where we all brought something to the table. It was a beautiful sunset that we enjoyed along with our dinner. Tonight's menu was marinated grilled chicken, salad, pasta salad, fresh pineapple and the most decadent cake ever! Ice cream cake with crushed candy bars mixed in the ice-cream on a crushed double stuffed oreo crust. Yep, when we fall off the wagon of watching calories, we do it BIG and delicious! (A few of us walked 2 miles after dinner to burn off some of the calories!)
The best part of dinner was getting the news of my Aunt and Uncle's eldest son's engagement, congratulations Brent and Jesse!

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  1. Love todays blog. pics are great. Very happy about Brent. You're staying up late. editing comment... not sure but think it's sailor. Computer wouldn't pick that up.


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