Sunday, March 16, 2014


Getting a Focused shot of a dolphin can be a challenge
3/15 Photograph Hard
Solid / A Difficult Task / Challenging

When I first got the DSLR, I used the manual features without really knowing what I was doing. After working with my friend T and reading a lot of different "how-to" articles on the internet, it's finally intuitive for me to use it all the time. There is a significant improvement in the photographs of dolphins that I take now because of all the practice. It is still a challenge to get a focused dolphin picture instead of blurry gray in the water. 

Another challenge is to golf under 100 for 18 holes. Finally doing that this vacation in between taking pictures of the birds on the golf course. We had plenty of time to do this today since it took us 5.5 hours to golf 18 holes due to a kid tournament going on. Picture young boys in golf attire, long pants and golf shirts walking the course with umbrellas on their push carts, while their parents follow along either walking or riding.  That's weekend afternoon golfing for you. 

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