Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Middle

The Middle of a Sunflower
3/14 Photograph Mark the Spot
Bull's Eye / X / The Middle

The prompt for today's picture included directions to use the entire frame of the picture for your subject. I think I did this well. The picture was taken at the hardware store after I asked the clerk if I could take a picture. He joked at first and told me that it would cost me $3 and then said he wished he could just give me one after hearing that I was from the Northeast. I love the color and focus of this photograph. It's in my top ten for the 365 pictures that I have already taken. 

On Friday, we walked the beach for 3.7 miles as Marc looked for the perfect sand dollar. I am not sure I have ever found a whole one on the beach. Now we have something to do when we walk the beach. We also came back with 9 seashells as we kept finding colorful and interesting shells. The whole concept of just one sea shell to bring home can be hard to do when there so many to choose from.

I also tried taking pictures for my month's lesson on shutter speed. However, I really do need to use the tripod which I didn't have with me at the beach. Instead, I had fun taking pictures of the birds. Some had nice reflections and then there are just the crazy things they do on the beach. 

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  1. beautiful, never noticed the blue and green in that flower.


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