Monday, March 10, 2014


Uneven Palm Trees on the Golf Course
3/10 Photograph Asymmetrical
Irregular / Lopsided / Distorted

Today's prompt was to take a photo that had asymmetry, and these palm trees are uneven. Too bad I wasn't by this hole when the sun was setting, it was very pretty tonight. 
t brought the camera out on the golf course today when we went out golfing in the afternoon. It was a good thing, since it was really backed up on the first nine and we were waiting at each hole. The fact that the foursome behind us was slow helped us to have a relaxing game. I had plenty of time to take pictures of some of the birds that are seen at the golf course. Here are a few to the left here. 

 We were home by 745 PM for a dinner of homemade chili. I love having crockpot dinners while in Florida, can go out, have fun and come back to a meal ready to eat. Today was busy, went to senior zumba today, yep, come to Florida and I am over 50, guess that makes me a senior. Then we hopped on our bikes to take a ride up to town to do some errands, including getting our parking pass. After that we rode over to the hair salon where Marc got his hair cut and I had a pedicure. Back to the condo for lunch and then golfing. It was a beautiful day to be out and about as it was sunny. 

The white pelicans were back today and I went outside to get a better picture. I guess they are migrating back to the north and feed in quiet areas like the river behind us. Ducks hang out with them because the pelicans herd fish to eat. There weren't as many as there were last Saturday.

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