Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Second Gear on Snow blower
2/19 Photograph the Number Two
The Number / 1+1 / Dos
I hope that I don't have to see this number for a couple of days! Our 4 -7 inches last night ended up being 11 inches of fluffy snow. It was easy to snowblow last night, but even still, I had to snow blow again this morning after the town plows had gone through. The top right is what we had last night after the snowstorm and the bottom right is what I had to take care of this morning. My husband picked a great time to be in Atlanta, but my son and I took care of it all last night. I was going to go snowshoeing this morning, but L had to go much earlier than I could have made it over to her end of town and it gave me the time to do a good job on the driveway and our extra parking spot. After snowblowing, I went for a quick1.7 mile walk and was surprised to see that a few people hadn't even started their clearing. But what really surprised me, was the woman on a street over in her pajama pants blowing the snow into the street. If you are going to be that inconsiderate, at least don't do it in front of people.
Today, I went to my little job and stripped wall paper for 5 hours. It was an experience....some of it came off very easy just with scraping and then there was a 2' x 2" area in the easiest room to strip that just wouldn't come off. I spent more time on that one spot then in the rest of the room. I just kept soaking it with a mixture of hot water and fabric softener.  The walls are a mess and whoever does the plaster/paint has their job cut out for them. In another room, I got off about 2/3 of the paper, but should get a steamer for the rest of the paper. However, I don't know how I can do that since I couldn't find a working plug for my iphone charger. That was a bummer because I only had music for a couple of hours.
No sledding with little kids tomorrow, they are sick and we have to make plans for another day. Oh well, I guess I can go back and strip more wall paper!
These are a couple of pictures from around the front yard today. The squirrels won't have to work at getting to the bird feeders, they can walk right up to them right now. And check out the repeat shot from yesterday, incredible to see that much snow. Counting down the days to get down to Florida to feel the snow and see some green on the ground!

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