Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Through the Glass

Through the Glass- Sea Gull posing in front of our parked car
2/11 Photograph Retail Therapy
Window Shopping / Price Tags / Choices

Taking a picture through the window shield was my choice for this prompt as the mini lesson today was about taking pictures through glass. Today I came down to visit my parents and we took a road trip out to Rockport. It was a beautiful day and I think this sea gull was hired by the chamber of commerce. We were the only people  on both the private and public wharf, nothing like the summer crowds that visit this spot. 

Rockport is a touristy area with narrow streets to drive down, however, some of these are closed to vehicles in the summer and public parking is a couple of miles away with trolley service to the town area.  The red fishing shack is called Motif #1 and is one of the most painted buildings in America. There are not a lot of big lobster boats, but it is very picturesque area with lobster pots about the wharf. 

The biggest problem with going there is all the choices that I had to make with what picture to pick and then what pictures to post on the blog today. Then I have the problem of having to delete some pictures. My hard drive is overloaded and I need to get a hard drive for my photos within the week. I should have bought one today when we stopped at the Apple store where my Mom bought a new macbook. This evening was spent learning how to transfer files via blue tooth which will help her to start off with a nice organized laptop.
After telling my friend T about Rockport, I think we might be taking a photo ride down in the spring. It was so nice to be the only ones there today and to have the snow in the pictures to add contrast. Being a tourist in your backyard is easy to do during the off seasons. My husband considers skiing as embracing winter in New England, my version is the relaxing tourist walking activities. 
More pictures from today to be posted tomorrow!

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