Monday, February 10, 2014

It's Still Winter

It's Still Winter and We will Stay Warm
2/10 Photograph It's Still Winter
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So many choices today to choose from to have layers of context in a photo to provide a sense of time and place. I think this choice says it all, still winter, fresh snow and this is what we do to stay warm. The picture above has better focusing of the individual wood versus the larger pile on the side photo. 
Every Saturday, my husband loads up a couple of wheel barrows to stack it in a rack on our back inside porch. Every other day, we refill our wood in the family room from the porch rack. It's good exercise. We have a fire going in our wood
stove every day and it helps to cut down on the oil while keeping the house comfortably warm.

I took this photo which I think is clever, but it didn't really fit the prompt for the day.

This morning was beautiful with blue sky and sun. I texted my neighbor L next door to see if she wanted to snowshoe, but she just wanted to take the dog for a walk. I was fine with that after 3 days of snow shoeing, it was a brisk walk. We did a two mile walk and her dog started to pick up the pace as we got closer to the woods. Chloe is a Bernese Mountain dog and can be very stubborn when she wants something and she always wants to finish the walk through the woods. She can go off leash and comes back when called so the woods for her is the best part of the walk.
Chloe is kind of a doofus dog, she will sit in the woods and bark at the men in our house. We had offered to take care of her while her owners go to Florida and today I had her come in the house while I was getting ready to go out. She did come face to face with one of the cats, but no fights. The only problem is that she picks up cat toys. Today, she tried to leave with one, check out the top right photo. I think they may be boarding her, but I think it would be good for the cats to have some excitement in their lives.

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