Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Red- Buoy Side of Motif #1
2/12 Photograph Red
A Heart / A Card / A Candy

Very happy to have taken so many pictures yesterday in Rockport and that one was red! I was busy today with family and errands and was thrilled last night when I looked at the prompt for today. Still can't get over how lucky we were with the weather and lighting yesterday.  I posted the above the picture on the Captureyour 365 gallery and one of the comments was to try a vintage layer on this. I will have to look that up tomorrow during our predicted snow storm.

I need to own up here already and state that I did add a graduated layer on this picture with the boat to make the water look darker. I also highlighted the boat a bit to make it stand out. There, I said it, before my Dad tells everyone that I doctor my photos. Not all of them, just some. 

No layers or additions to this picture(yet). The contrast of the snow, pots and water don't need any changes! Although, now that I look at it on the blog, I think I could add some texture to the sky. After I looked at all the pictures from yesterday
This morning I went over the file transfer with my Mom on her new computer and headed up to Portsmouth to have lunch with my sister-in-law, nephew, niece and her boyfriend. My niece had just gotten a new phone and I think she did well to eat with us without looking at her phone. That came after lunch which was showed tremendous restraint, I don't know if I could have waited that long. Then I got the kids all together for a picture, just as if they were little again.
Finally to home by 5 pm after a stop at the garage where they told me that there was nothing to do about the signal sensor alarm that is dinging intermittently.  That will be another trip to Manchester next week. Technology can be very tiring sometimes, between a broken sensor on the car and my computer not starting tonight, there's a lot of time spent trying to problem solve and restarting stuff!

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