Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Still- Texture Tuesday

Still Here Through the Winter

Something new for the blog, I will posting a Tuesday Texture. The site where I get textures and inspiration has a Tuesday theme for texture use, along with links to other blogs. This week's theme is "Still" and I know that I said that I would be doing some bright colorful flowers. But I chose this picture because it fits the still theme, still as in still here in the garden while it is still winter. With the kkcora texture  layer applied as an overlay at 56% , the texture adds a light pink soft layer.

This week, it means two different blog posts for the same day. But there may be a time when I will have the same picture for both. The textures provide an opportunity to use photoshop elements and practice using layers and blends. At least while I am working on the blog, I am not dipping pretzels into chocolate.

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