Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Chocolate Vignette

Chocolate Vignette- Now This is what I call a Photo Prompt!
2/25 Photograph Bittersweet
Mixed / Chocolate / Bittersweet

I blame my son, because he eats bread and there was a coupon at the grocery store on the Hershey's spread for $1.00 off with purchase of bread which was on the list. And then, you just can't eat the spread off a spoon, well, you could, but I wouldn't admit it, and since the prompt did mention chocolate, I thought, why not buy some pretzels since food was needed to dip into the chocolate? Better than the vignette of bread baking which I also did or the one of vacation stuff that was my initial idea this morning as I was driving to work. The best part of this was the chocolate on chocolate. (BTW- If you are counting calories, get your husband who doesn't eat chocolate, a really good bar and then keep it hidden in the refrigerator for little snacks). My son's eyes totally lit up when he came home and saw what I had bought today. He even mentioned the calories, 200 for 2 tablespoons versus the 60 I have for my greek yogurt dip. But it's all for art, right?
These were my alternative photos, yes, I did have hot chocolate after eating the chocolate bar with the chocolate spread. 

With all that sugar, tonight's dinner was a salad! But I will have some nice warm, cinnamon raison toast for a snack later. I wonder how it will taste with chocolate? Kidding, I think.....

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  1. went to h.... in a basket today. Loved the first pic. As you said it was lovely warm look.


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