Wednesday, February 26, 2014


My Parents
2/26 Photograph Admire
Appreciate / Like / Respect

I chose this picture of my parents from our outing to Rockport earlier this month. No candids today as suggested in the email for the prompt. After reading the prompt, I knew which picture I would use today and why. I admire and respect my parents for their sense of humor, work ethic, love of family, and for always being there for us. Even with this project, they are always asking what the prompt is for the day and now that I am back to blogging regularly with the picture, my Mom looks forward to reading it every night. Kind of cool to have them still be my fans at my age! I can only hope that I have their energy in 30 years! And yes, this is a repeat picture on the blog, but I do love it.

Well, my job is over. 10 rooms and 2 small hallways stripped of wallpaper and I did 5 of those rooms by myself, although to be fair, three of those rooms were very easy to do without any chemicals or steam. It was nice to work with someone else on the other 6 rooms, especially two of them due to the difficulty of getting the wall paper off. We saved the best for the last, the small kitchen had at least 6 different wallpapers, this was the room that the owners hadn't planned on doing, but I convinced them that it would be good since we were on a roll and at some point would need to be done. I missed getting a picture of one of the layers which definitely had a 60's motif with red flowers, I think it complemented #3 in the photo to the left. What a mess that room turned out to be. There is a lot of wall repair that will need to be done in all of the rooms, and not because of me! Mike did offer to teach me how to "mud" as that takes skill, but I graciously declined his offer. 

Not much time to take pictures today and play with the new flash, so the cats got a night off from having to be my models like poor Mini from the other night. Too much to do tonight between getting caught up with laundry, vacuuming, and cooking dinner plus another glitch in the evening. We had a slight problem with our door knob where the latch would not turn. My son and I took the knob off and still it wouldn't move, so I called a husband to help. Not mine, but a neighbor's husband who is a carpenter/handyman at a prep school nearby. He knew exactly what was wrong, got it open and now I get to replace a door knob tomorrow. I have done it before, hopefully I can do it again. It's nice to be in a neighborhood where we can all help each other out. Right now I am feeding the cat next door, as if I didn't have enough of my own! I bring up the mail, feed the cat and then sit in their den to read the paper and pat the cat. It's a rescue cat and he is such a love, jumps on my lap to be petted and is very friendly. They really picked out a nice cat to have for a pet. I feel so bad when I have to leave. 

Tonight I was late to the blog because I was so busy playing with the edges of the photo below. I used brushes to make the edges and was having fun trying different effects. This is the one that I settled on because I could just keep going trying out all the brushes and I am tired and ready to go to bed. Tomorrow I get to play photographer with my friend T after my trip to Lowes and maybe try to shovel out my storage area to get out tires. So many things to do in so little time!

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