Friday, February 14, 2014

Someone Special

Someone Special: My Son!
2/14 Photograph Amore
Someone Special / Loved / Held Dear

"Let them be the focus in your frame by blurring the background, eliminating everything else or placing your love somewhere with a clean background." Since S was home early this morning, he was the special someone. Especially since he got the fire going this morning at 5 AM so I got to come downstairs to nice warm kitchen. Both he and my husband were out before 5 to get the driveway cleaned up after last night's snow and rain. 

I got up and made them Chocolate chip cookies for Valentine Day. Today I also tried to make a pizza calzone and it was okay, not great. I had the speed bake on and I think it dried out the crust. This morning, I also played around with my picture from yesterday to make a e-card for Valentine's Day.

Because I procrastinated going out on my own for snow shoeing and was too lazy to do the treadmill, I ended up shoveling most of the driveway this evening. I went out to snow blow, but couldn't get the gd thing started. The town plow had left about a foot of snow crud at the bottom of the driveway and I wanted to take care of it along with the 3 inches or so on the driveway. I got about 75% of the driveway done before my husband got home, it was a good work out. Then of course he got the snow blower started to finish it off. The best part of being outside was the beautiful sky from the sunset. Made me wish I was out with my "real" camera.

Today I also watched a couple of videos for photoshop elements to learn how to do a different kind of vignette and fixed up this picture from the other day of my parents
After 2nd multiply level with eraser to highlight parents
The background here is under exposed and not colorful

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  1. very nice, you're getting to be a pro


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