Thursday, February 13, 2014


Sentimental: A Found Valentine's Card and Heart
2/13 Photograph Conversation
Words / Written / Sentimental

I think I hit the trifecta today on the prompts. Yes, the heart is a bit out of focus, the best I felt like doing today. I could have pulled out the tripod, but that would have been more work than I wanted to do this morning. How sentimental is it now for you if I tell you that the black background is the rubbish basket from our paper shredder? I think I need to invest in some black fabric for backgrounds. 

Today I was in an exercise quandary, got asked to snowshoe this morning by two friends and passed on that. One of my friends wanted to go later, but then got tied up with errands and since I had to snow blow the driveway for my son to get home, we decided to snow shoe tomorrow morning.
Only 1 mile done on the treadmill when my son called to say that he was coming home 1/2 hour earlier. I put runkeeper on while snow blowing and that was only .5 miles. Not great for today! At 4:30 PM, this is how much snow we had. I swear it was snowing an inch an hour while I was out doing the driveway earlier. Posting a picture like this though makes me smile, because earlier this winter, I read an article about a Denver News anchor who ranted about people sending in pictures of their snow covered patio furniture.

So what did I end up doing today before going out to clear the driveway? Made some real meatballs today, no ground turkey, a real meatball made of ground beef and pork. Because of the fat content, I baked them first and then rolled them on some paper towels to get rid of the grease. Then they finished cooking in the crockpot with homemade sauce. Heats up the kitchen and adds a delicious aroma to the house when coming in from outside.

I also played with my pictures a bit today. Yesterday, someone on the Capturingyour365 asked if I knew how to do a vintage effect to try that with the red fish shack. I tried it and I like it, and then I added film grain to it to tone it down a bit. I found the directions here to add the vintage layer.
Vintage Effect

Vintage effect + film grain

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