Sunday, February 16, 2014

Get Ready and Traveling

 Getting Ready to go out Snow Shoeing
2/15 Photograph Geared Up
Ready / Prepared / Set

 Traveling in his Mind
2/16 Photograph Visiting
Talking / Traveling / Outing

Well, I really didn't miss two days of taking pictures, just one day of blogging. Yesterday, I was busy, we were snow shoeing at 8 AM for a 3 mile hike through the town forest and over the town pond with L and her husband. The prompt was geared up and snow shoes are a simple gear and this picture came out colorful with some minor editing for highlights. 
 After snow shoeing we went out for breakfast with L up to Warner where we came out to a light snow fall. It was a short time at home  to clean up a bit, and we were back out to Concord to see L and her husband's new building for their business. It's an old house that had an accounting firm in it for the past 18 years, so there's a lot of carpet and wiring that need to be updated along with wallpaper taken off and some of the ugliest lights imaginable for a house of this character.
With an art filter applied- Cutout
The new office building!

 Last night, L came over for dinner where I made homemade ravioli filled with ricotta cheese that she had given me that morning mixed with leftover rotisserie chicken, spinach, egg and parmesan cheese. The first dough I made with semolina flour I threw out. The consistency was horrible and the egg/flour recipe that I normally do was easy enough to make quickly.  Dinner was saved! The new dough worked out with the pasta maker and the raviolis came out great with the ravioli press that I have. There was enough to freeze for another meal for two of us. After dinner we played cards and then I was just too tired to write a blog post.

This morning we had to clean up after yesterday's storm, only a couple of inches of snow for us. I was able to start the snow blower by myself now that we know to prime the line while pushing the electric ignition button. ( Thank you whoever invented the electric starter!) Then we had to completely fill the wood rack on the porch which I helped with today to get my daily exercise. That's where I got my photo for today. I thought it was fitting that while doing the boring, cold work of moving wood, that M would be thinking of something warm which at this point would equal traveling. M actually said to me while I was taking the pictures that he was really thinking, "why is she taking pictures when I am working." I finally did put the camera away and we piled the wood quickly.
After the past couple of days, we can say that we have a lot of snow now.

On Friday night, I spent some time watching Photoshop Element videos and learned how to make these funky borders out of texture pictures that I have. Still loving the Rockport pictures! So when you see me taking pictures of rocks, sand, tree trunks, cement floors and metal, it's for art!


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