Thursday, February 06, 2014


Early Morning Snowshoeing Shadows
2/6 Photograph Shadows
Shaded / Dark / Cast

What a beautiful morning to go out show shoeing today. After a snowy day yesterday, we woke up to blue skies and fresh snow. 7:30 AM was the time requested for a walk by L and I was up for it since my husband was finishing the snow blowing at 530 this morning. Going out this early, we were in the golden hour, the hour after sunrise (or the hour before sunset) when the light is coming in at an angle. The light streaming through the woods was beautiful and it was hard to pick a photo for today! It was a short hike today at 2 miles since I didn't want to push it with my hip which is beginning to get back to normal.

When I got home, I took a few more shots around the house, but was beginning to feel the cold. Funny how it's not cold while out snow shoeing. T came over for lunch with a salad to share to go along with my homemade Spicy chicken sausage barley vegetable soup. We went through the photos I took today and we debated the merits of all the photos. 

This photo was the second choice for the walk, but didn't have enough shadows or trees. I liked how the snow was kicking up from L's feet while she was walking.

This looks great in black and white, but the shadows all melded together. I was surprised to see that so many people had been out on the trails already. There were cross country ski tracks and snow mobile tracks from last night. 


This was too impersonal even it was "artistic". And as my husband said, it's just there, no real wow factor. Would have been cool if I had caught a shadow of a drip coming off the end of the icicle.
I really loved this shot, but decided that I had to stick with one of my goals for this project to make it as much as a daily journal whenever possible versus setting up shots. So today's shot reflects the moment outside with a friend in the beautiful light of the morning. 

T and I are still trying to figure out a business plan for our photography business. However today we were all over the place with our conversations as we had our computers up during lunch to work on some photoshop skills. But we kept interrupting each other watching silly videos and talking recipes. It was fun and once again, I learned a few things while she was here. We were talking about what to do with the 365 photos that I will end up with and she made a good point of saving them now as JPEGs without the watermark ( my name on the blog photos). It's easier to organize 36 photos now than 365 at the end of the year. It's getting easier to save and organize, now that I know the filing system. Basically, the mac saves multiple copies and anything that I change to a picture in PSE does not update in iphoto, even though Iphoto makes a duplicate of the original photo. It's crazy! Anyway, Terry thinks a movie would be cool and I was thinking book, but both will be easy to do now that I have a separate file already set up for the end of the year. At some point though, I will have to either invest in upgrading the hard drive in my computer or move some older photos onto a separate external drive. In the meantime, I will keep going though my files to get rid of bad photos and to rate the photos that I want to keep. 

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