Saturday, February 08, 2014

Old School

 Old School- 45 year old Lunch Box
2/7 Photograph Old School
Retro / Vintage / Traditional

(OOPS, forgot to publish this last night...)
Another good prompt for today, since it was easy to think of a subject. Maybe it was the old school prompt, but I thought of my husband's lunch box right away. It's rare that I go to bed knowing what to photograph the next day. Each morning I get an email from Capturingyour365 and it's the first email that I open. Reading this prompt, I focused on the word vintage and once I got downstairs I saw more vintage items around the house. Just to be on the safe side, I put those up in front of my very fancy backdrop (3 section white poster board) I liked all of these pictures, but stuck with my first choice. Maybe I will use these another time. 

The recommendation for today's photograph was to keep the background simple. Cut out the busy stuff. That's a good recommendation for me as I can go overboard in my photos with too much stuff. That's why it has been good to learn photoshop elements to get rid of those extra items if they get in the way of the picture. Comes in handy for those out of focus flowers when I take garden pictures. But I will need to keep that in mind when I taking picture, look at the whole frame before pressing the shutter button.

It was another beautiful winter day here and I got out snow shoeing for an hour with my neighbor. She had never gone before and we had her big Bernese mountain dog with us. The only difficulty with bringing a dog snow shoeing is that you always want it in front of you so they don't step on the back of your snowshoe. I only got tripped once. On the way home we crossed over the pond and climbed up a hill to get to our backyards. At some spots, I had to use my hands to help pull me up. That was a really good work out! There is a 200 calorie difference between snow shoeing and walking for the same time. We hope to get out on both days this weekend. Just hope I have easy prompts again for my daily photographs.

Here's a pretty simple back ground shot. This is what I came down to this morning, cat in the between the shade and the window to get some sun. 

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  1. Loved the vintage shots. Did I give you the glass luncheon plates? They look familiar. By the way I think you are a bit of a Cat lady.


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