Saturday, February 08, 2014

Hand Tinted

 Imagining Winter Flowers
2/8 Photograph Hand Tinted
Changed / Processed / A Little Color Added

Today I got to have fun with the prompt. As suggested, I added much needed color to the left over hydrangea flowers in the front yard. The picture to the right is what I started with and in Photoshop Elements with some layers set up and color changes, voila,spring! I wanted to add some color to the border and watched a video at Photoshop Elements User to learn how to make a quick border. Love that site and it's the only paid magazine subscription that I have right now since I get access to all the videos with the subscription. 
The pink flower was the first one that I did and it seemed so plain, but now that I have it up on the blog, I think I like it better. Oh well, it's done already! Funny thing about these hydrangeas, I only have white blossoms in the summer. 

Today I snow shoed 3 miles with my husband along the snowmobile trails. It was quite a walk, and it was easier walking on a trail versus "bush whacking" with the snow shoes. 3 miles bush whacking would have been too long!

While out snow shoeing, I had made a calzone and had left it in front of the wood stove to rise not thinking that we would be out well over an hour. Usually I roll up the dough and it only sits for about 10 minutes before I put it in the oven. The longer rise worked out well, but I still have to figure out why it splits. I think there's too much meat and cheese! Ends up delicious either way.

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