Thursday, February 27, 2014


Now- I find a Horse a Month later when I have a Camera Ready 
2/27 Photograph Seize the Moment
Carpe Diem / Present / Now

Today's prompt seemed to be about having your camera ready for anything that may present itself as the perfect opportunity for a photograph. This horse on a back road of Hennker with the light behind it made me stop on a dirt road to take this picture from the car. I thought I had a bunch of good pictures, but there were branches in the way that I didn't see until I uploaded the pictures to the camera. At least with the branches, I got some nice light reflections, bokeh as it is called in photography. I really didn't like any of the pictures, but now that I have them on the blog, I do like like them b/c of the lighting. 

It was nice to have the day off and I got some errands done in the morning. At Lowes, they were selling legal "crack", Girl Scout cookies, I bought a box and it was $4 for 9 oz., that's the last time I will buy them!  My son fixed the door for me and I got to go my friend's T's house to work on photoshop and visit the local college art exhibit. And once again, I got lost on the way to her house going the back way behind Pat's Peak, I am determined to figure it out. However, the ride is pretty and I get opportunities to take pictures such as the horses, last time it was turkeys.
No baking bread today as I am the only one who is eating this delicious cinnamon, raisin bread. Right now, my breakfast is a fried egg with onions/peppers and a slice of toast. Might not be as healthy as the oatmeal, but it is filling! My son is enjoying the chocolate spread to much, he asked if we could try it on the chicken caccitore tonight. He was kidding. We may try it on the girl scout thin mints later. Will be glad when that jar of chocolate is gone! 

And the flower of the day is, I think, Cosmos? 

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