Monday, February 10, 2014

A Little Heart

A Little Heart Decor
2/9 Photograph a Little Heart
Sentiment / Candy / Decor

This little Annalee mouse became a model today and had multiple photographs taken of her around the house. And of course, I end up taking the second photo, but it's all good practice. Today's suggestion was to work on focusing, and I was focusing on the eyes here. Not very artsy compared to some of the other 365 photos for the day, however, there's a heart and it's decor, plus it's in focus, check, done.
After taking her picture, the mouse went back up on the shelf where she is still trying to give that freaking heart to the skier mouse. After 29 years, he still refuses to take it because he is carrying his skis.  I am sure the skier mouse will show up in a picture this month. 

This morning I got a lot done with the new photography class that I am taking through Capturingyour365, it's a year long Practice class. This month the theme is aperture, taking multiple pictures of the same object, using different apertures. I don't have those organized in the computer yet to upload, but those should be showing up here tomorrow. 

After taking pictures, it was time to cook. I made a Biscuick Quiche, seriously the best recipe to use up older cheese, and leftover bacon and vegetables. Today's quiche had bacon, broccoli and cheddar/jack cheese sticks chopped up b/c no one liked them here. Was fine in the quiche. Then it was the salad for the next few days and I started another Herb oil bread in the bread machine. I now cook the bread in the oven instead of the bread machine and that makes a better loaf of bread. Today we went over to friends' house on the other side of town for snow shoeing and dinner, so the dough in the bread pan came with us to finish off rising there. We had it with  A's homemade Chicken pot pie. Both were delicious! I think this is the recipe for the chicken pot pie and A left out the tomato paste. It was a very savory recipe and she used a dutch oven to cook it on the stove, then added the pie crust to cook in the oven. 

Visiting our friends always makes me miss having a dog. They have a 11 year old yellow lab Hudson,  who is very friendly. 

Hudson loved the snow, but he is getting old and went back with the two who did the two mile hike. The rest of us did a three mile hike. It was a perfect day to be out, no wind and temperature was in the low 30's. We came home in snow, but it shouldn't add up to much. 

Last night I finished up the last of my photos for the Photoshop Element online class. The last project I did took over an hour as I followed along with a video and had to keep replaying a section to figure out how to make the frames. But I love how it came out and want to practice on more pictures. There are about 9 layers in this one picture include 3 different textures. Way better than buying fancy papers for scrap booking. The instructor had used this process to make a book of his photos that he had taken in Africa and had used an elephant in his example. I think Elvis the iguana here from my trip to St. Marteen had the good texture in this photo to have his own page. 

I also had to take five photos and use the filters in the elements program to change the pictures. Using the poster edges is the most dramatic and I did an extra one using that filter just for fun. The poster effect would be good when I make coasters again. 
If you want to see any of the photos on this blog larger, click directly on any photo and it will open up larger. Underneath that photo, you can then see all the photos from the day's post and see all of them large. Try it with these to see the filter effects better. 
Poster Effect
Poster effect with more edges

Dry Brush Filter effect (+ a flower was removed from the front left)

Canvas Filter 

Rough Pastel

Sponge Painting

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